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Healthy Mindset – Day 24

With few exceptions in the last month, I’ve gone on a daily walk before making supper. It’s been a nice way to mark the transition from day to evening so it has become something I really look forward to. If you’re trying to find some separation in your days, give it a try.

This was one of my finds the other day. I’m not sure how long this mural has been there, but it’s only a few blocks from home, down a street I hardly walked “before”. Now I make a point of walking down this block just so I can see it. It’s been nice to find a few surprises in my own neighbourhood.

mural by Roberto López López, 13th & McIntyre, Regina, SK

If you’re walking around your neighbourhood more than you did before, are you noticing things you’ve never really noticed before?

One Comment on “…closer to home…

  1. I love this Kim! Very soulful. The mural is beautiful I’m not sure if I’ve seen this one or not I did see one on a building well walking south on my way to the YMCA a couple years ago. It could’ve been this one or another one. So many talented artists out there, and in our community that go unrecognized.

    I always think it’s a shame that things like visual art, music and storytelling have become commodities and only those who reach a certain standard become recognized when really these things are so inherent in human behaviour.

    Enjoy your day.

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