About Me

I’ve lived on the Canadian prairies my whole life.  I grew up in a very small town in the middle of nowhere with a farmer’s field just beyond our backyard.  I left to go to university and have lived in a city ever since.  However, growing up in that small town, where we had to drive long distances to get anywhere, shaped my world view.  We were (are) a fairly quiet family; content  to be in the car together, listening to the radio, and looking at the scenery. There was lots of time to think, imagine and to daydream.

I hope this blog helps me re-discover my creative side. I did a lot of writing in my teens and early 20s and called it Prairie Girl Wonders so the name for my blog was a no-brainer. I’m interested in photography, food and wine, traveling, books, music and movies. These are mostly the things I’ll blog about.

Hope you enjoy the visit.


P.S. May 2013 and I’ve been blogging for a year.  It has become mostly about my photography and writing.  It will likely continue to be that way, but there may be the odd post about food or a new favourite wine, or the latest stack of books I’ve collected in my office at the library (but that doesn’t mean I read all of them or haven’t paid overdue fines on books that are sitting in my office)…

Thank you for checking out prairie girl wonders.

P.P.S. April 2015  Photography has become my main creative outlet.  I still have much to learn, but I really enjoy capturing what I see and how I see my surroundings. I’ve given my site a new, hopefully fresh, look and will continue to share my wonders… my photography, my thoughts and quotes I find interesting.

Once again, thank you for checking out prairie girl wonders.

P.P.P.S March 2016 and finally my site looks the way I want it to.  Photography has been on the back burner over the winter (busy at work and lacking inspiration), but New Orleans renewed me in so many ways… such a complicated, beautiful, fully alive place and I really enjoyed capturing what I saw.  It’s really why I started my blog – I needed a place to balance out all the bad news, negative opinions, and instead, attempt to showcase the beauty and the wonder that is also part of our world.

Thanks for checking out my site….


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