Sidewalk Messages

Healthy Mindset – Day 13

On an otherwise very blah day, this made my day….I don’t know Auntie Chan or Leo, but I love that she can look out her living room window and see this message!

We are not in a full “lockdown” here, so going for a walk is still allowed. It’s essential for our physical and mental well-being so I hope it continues to be allowed. Be safe, practice all the protocols, don’t go to the places that everyone flocks to, and choose a time when you don’t see as many people out. When you cross the street to avoid someone, smile or say hi. Yes, it takes a bit more planning, but if you can go out for a walk, I highly encourage it.

Friendly physical distancing makes a huge difference:

No writing or creative exercise today – just a wish that everyone gets some fresh air this weekend.

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