getting my hands dirty

Healthy Mindset – Day 12

It was 12 degrees (celsius) on the weekend, and in the sun, it felt more like 25 degrees. That got me dreaming of gardening. Once the warm weather hits, I predict gardening is going to replace bread baking as the new “it” activity. I usually plant flowers, tomatoes and herbs like basil and parsley. This year, I’m going to add a few vegetables to the mix. In fact, I ordered the seeds a few weeks ago, when I had an idea that I’m going to become an urban farmer of sorts! That’s definitely not going to happen, but getting outside, digging my hands in the soil, and seeing everything grow sure seems like it will be a good antidote to our current situation.

I’ve been stalking the Facebook pages of local greenhouses to see if they will still be open and was happy to see that the three I checked out plan to offer curbside pick-up or delivery. Perfect. But, it’s only April 2! That means it’s still about six weeks to wait (and some around here would say that’s still too early to plant!). Oh well, it’s something thing to look forward to.

Today’s creative exercise is to plan your garden!

And for some inspiration, here are some pics from Butchart Gardens, in Victoria, BC, June 2014

2 Comments on “getting my hands dirty

  1. I was drawing pictures as to where I want to put my pots this year and looking online at plants.

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