Healthy mindset – Day 3

I’ve seen a few different ways that individuals and families are trying to keep a sense of community while homebound like turning their Christmas lights back, sidewalk art with chalk or displaying hearts in windows. I like the the last one. When I went for a walk on Sunday, I saw one house with a collection of pink hearts on their living room window and it made me smile.

Today’s creative exercise ideas – if you take a lot of photos, go through your photo library and see if you have particular themes or favourite subjects. Why are those subjects appealing to you?

With supplies you already have on hand, create a heart display for your window (even if you don’t have kids!). If you do have kids – along with sidewalk art, how about drawing a hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk? (do kids these days even know what hopscotch is?!) I’m definitely not a kid and I would totally hopscotch down the street when I’m out for a walk! Although today’s weather isn’t great, that idea might have to wait!

Today’s writing exercise – If you have five minutes, and the whole world is listening, what will you say? Is it different than what you would have said three months ago?

2 Comments on “Healthy mindset – Day 3

  1. Catch the time, carpe diem…..cogli l’attimo !!! Life is beautifull, now I know how much and why!!! Love and live life with generosity and gratitude Sabrina

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