Healthy Mindset – Day 2

Sunday was a beautiful day. When I was out for a walk, it felt like winter is finally behind us here in Saskatchewan. My boots got muddy, I saw geese returning to Wascana Lake, and I heard lots of different birds singing. All the normal signs of Spring. Being outside felt normal. Keeping some things normal while adapting to our new, temporary, way of life is key to a healthy mindset. If you have not been mandated to self-isolate because of travel or other reasons, please remember to get some fresh air every day. If you don’t want to risk being around other people, sit on your deck or front step. If someone walks by, say hi or wave. (Obviously, don’t walk up to them and have a chat!) Even if it’s just opening your windows for a few minutes to let fresh air in, it will make you feel better.

When I did yesterday’s writing exercise about adapting it helped put things in perspective. I can work from home, I can get groceries and my prescriptions when I need them, I can go for a walk every day (fortunately, it’s not hard to maintain the required distance between people here). If how I’m living my life today is how I will have to live until it’s safe for people to be together again, I’ll be okay. Yes, there is still fear, worry and uncertainty, but I know focusing on the things I can control is healthier in the short and long term. It’s not that difficult to do my part. I know that’s the way I’m supporting all the people whose regular lives aren’t on pause right now. Healthcare workers and hospital staff who are so intensely impacted; people who work in nursing homes and social services to protect and support our most vulnerable citizens; people who work in all of the services that make our communities function; and those that work in stores so we can continue to buy food and prescriptions. In normal times, work is often stressful, but imagine what it must be like now.

So, today’s writing exercise is to write a text, message, or email to those in your circle of family and friends who continue to leave their homes every day to work in jobs which put them more at risk or in a vulnerable position, while you get to stay home. Even if you haven’t talked to them for awhile, simply say “thank you”.

Today’s creative exercise is to take a photo of something that symbolizes Spring to you. The pics I’ve shared are from a trip to Florence, Italy the first week of April last year. 

Take care, get fresh air! (maybe that will be my new slogan)


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