anxiously awaiting the colours of spring and summer

The sky is a brilliant blue today, and it’s a balmy -28 degrees (-38 with the windchill) and these Blue Rodeo lyrics (song is “Get Through To You”) are going through my head:

Looks like winter’s never gonna leave this grey town
I think it’s going to snow all summer

Okay, I know winter will end at some point, but once again, it’s a Sunday that is too cold to go out and take pictures, so I’m thinking about the colours of spring and summer today. I went looking through my photo library for pictures with bright, brilliant colours…

North Saskatchewan River sunset - iphone pic
sunset over the North Saskatchewan River
Cypress Hills trees
sun streaming through the trees – looking up from lawn chair in the campsite at Cypress Hills
flower in mom's garden
flower in Mom’s garden
flowers in Prince Rupert
flowers in Prince Rupert, BC
mom and dad's backyard
Robin’s nest in Mom and Dad’s backyard
spring walk in Wascana Park
sunfower in farmer's field
sunflower in farmer’s field in Southern Saskatchewan

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