Things I do to distract myself while doing the dishes

I don’t like doing dishes.  Tonight, while I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes, I happened to turn around and saw a pretty nice sunset developing outside my living room window.  So, I dried my hands, grabbed my cameras (I’m trying out a new one), opened my balcony door (it was about -16 at the time) and started snapping pictures.  Once my feet got too cold, I closed the door and noticed there was nice light and cool shadows on my bookshelf, so I took a few more pictures.  I went back to doing the dishes, but the light was changing quickly, so I dried my hands again, opened the door, and snapped a few more.  I repeated this ritual a couple of more times, until finally the sun set, my sock-less feet were turning blue and the water in the sink was cold.

Soon it will be warm enough to stand on my balcony in bare feet, right? (Update on Friday….with the windchill, it is going to feel like -50 later this evening.  Bare feet will have to wait!)

February 27 sunsetFebruary 27 sunset 3 Feburary 27 sunset 2February 27 sunset 4February 27 sunset 5

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