Fuzzy the Young Grizzly

This is Part 3 of my adventures in the Great Bear Rainforest.

We spent two nights at our first anchorage. This was one of the views…

beautiful spot to anchor - taken from the zodiac as we go looking for bears.

We found Fuzzy the three year old Grizzly Trish and Eric have been following since he was a wee cub (Fuzzy is the name they’ve given him).  He’s now weaned from his mother and is left to fend for himself (although we found his Mom in the estuary in the same inlet – pics to follow in a later post). Bears are protected from hunting in this particular inlet so they are not quite so skittish around people. Fuzzy seemed perfectly aware and content with our presence.  So, I felt comfortable, too. Trish and Eric have been visiting this inlet for many years and I’m sure the bears sense that they are a non-threatening presence.  It was a very unique experience to be able to not only have time to take pictures, but also to just stop and watch a bear in its natural environment.

Fuzzy is a little fuzzy here..but he's a beauty
Fuzzy is a little fuzzy here..but he’s a beauty
Fuzzy near the shore
Fuzzy near the shore
Fuzzy from the side
Fuzzy from the side
Perspective from the zodiac
Perspective from the zodiac

2 Comments on “Fuzzy the Young Grizzly

  1. Wonderful photographs. I also took a trip with Trish and Eric and enjoyed watching Fuzzy – my photographs were not as nice as yours. I agree this is a most wonderful part of Canada – and Trish and Eric are the best hosts. It was a dream trip for me and would be an even larger dream to hope to travel there again.

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