My Great Bear Rainforest Adventure – Part 2

The seaplane trip from Prince Rupert to Hartley Bay was 45 minutes – I’m generally not prone to motion sickness but we hit a few air pockets that had my stomach in my mouth, but I managed to pull it together and continue taking pictures from the plane.

from the seaplane 2 from the seaplane

I can’t say I loved the seaplane part of the trip (especially because on the flight back to Prince Rupert when I went to put on my seat belt, I grabbed one that wasn’t attached to anything!  Turns out it was an extender so a larger person could attach it to the regular seat belt, but still it was a little disconcerting initially!).

Once we landed at the dock, and met Trish and Eric and their crew member, Eloise we were off on their 54 foot boat, the Great Bear II to begin an eight day trip through the Great Bear Rainforest.

setting out on the Douglas Channel

Once we were anchored in our first inlet, we put all our gear on (rain jacket, rain pants, rubber boots – the last two we had to wear anytime we were in the zodiac) and took the first of many trips in the zodiac.  Our first experience was a short hike in a forest preceded by a bear safety talk on the beach.

forest walk wildflower forest walk

A shot of the boat, Great Bear II from a distance.

Great Bear II from forest walk

My next post will have pics of a three year old Grizzly Bear…

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