Build Me Up Buttercup

…and just like that we are into Spring, actually Summer-like, temperatures.  It’s been a beautiful few days here and suddenly the never-ending winter is a thing of the past. We melted at work today and are hopeful tomorrow will be a bit cooler inside (I’m definitely not complaining about the outside temperature!) otherwise we may be checking out books in our bathing suits!

I was at Lowe’s yesterday and even though it may be a bit early to start planting here, I picked up a six pack of petunias and a Persian buttercup plant because I had to get my hands in some soil.  I also planted the lettuce and spinach seeds I bought last weekend and a couple of different kinds of basil.  I have a feeling it could be a different kind of summer here, since it was definitely a different kind of winter, so it’s best to enjoy the good weather when it’s here!

The Persian buttercup is my new favourite flower…hopefully I can find a few different colours when I do the rest of my flower shopping in a week or so.

buttercup buttercup2 buttercup3


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