When I went grocery shopping the other day I picked up some lettuce and spinach seeds. It finally is starting to feel like spring (although there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow) and just having the seeds in my possession is giving me hope that, yes, maybe this never-ending winter will actually end.

So, here is a pic of lettuce from last year’s crop and a couple of pics of petunias on my balcony on a very bright June day last year.  Hopefully, we’ll see a few of those days this year.  Especially, on August 14th, when Paul McCartney is in town on his latest tour!  Really looking forward to sitting outside on a warm summer’s night and listening to some great music.  But if it rains, I’m prepared too!  My big adventure trip is coming up soon (I’ll be writing more about it more in the upcoming weeks) and I’m all geared up with rain pants and a new rain jacket, even some long underwear.  I’ve been a prairie girl my whole life and I’ve never owned a pair of long johns until now!

For now, though, I’m starting to think about what I want to grow on my balcony this year.

lettuce on my balcony petunias on a bright June day 2 petunias on a bright June day

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