hoar frost and an elephant

I love hoar frost.  I think there is nothing prettier on a frigidly cold January day than a bright blue sky and hoar frost on the trees.  We are well into March and still experiencing frigidly cold mornings and hoar frost on the trees.  As I write this, the wind is gusting, the sky is grey, and more snow is forecast for this evening. Yay.  One of the things I wanted to accomplish this winter was to practise taking pictures of hoar frost. I did do that, but never really got the shots I wanted as it was often too cold to spend the time getting it just right (frozen fingers and a frozen camera!) or I didn’t have my camera with me.  Oh well, there is always next winter to get it right (or maybe this winter really will never end and I’ll have more time to practise yet!).

hoar frost Dec 26 hoar frost Jan 6 Hoar Frost Jan 14 hoar frost March 20

I took this picture of Rusty, the Library Elephant, on my lunch break on Sunday from the 2nd floor of the Library.  I thought he looked sad.  He was likely cold and tired of winter. Just like all of us on the prairies.  I’ve been listening to a radio station from Maui on my computer at work just to get that tropical feeling since there was no winter holiday for me this year.  And it helps!

Rusty the library elephant

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