fun with KitCam

It was a beautiful, sunny, cold day here and I had the day off.  As much as I’m tired and uninspired by the snow, I thought I should actually take some pictures as it is now officially being reported that we’ve had the most amount of snow ever in this city – 196 cm (or about 6 1/2 feet)!  Last year, at this time we had no snow. Like most everyone in this province,  I’m so over wearing a winter jacket, winter boots, scarf, mitts and trudging through the snow everywhere I go.  This winter will end, though, and hopefully a beautiful summer lies ahead.
In the meantime I’m amusing myself with a new photo app for my iPhone called KitCam.  It’s great!  I paid $1.99 for the specialty lens pack and have had great fun with the kaleidoscope lens.  I will likely do at least one more post with pics taken with the lens, but for today, these ones are pictures of various snowbanks at different angles.  Followed by a couple of regular “I guess I should take some pictures of the snow” even though I don’t find them very interesting!  🙂

kit cam snow 4 kitcam snow 3 Kitcam Snow Kitcam snow2 March18.2 March18

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