the Scotties

Just for a change of pace from my usual posts, here are my brother and sister-in-law’s dogs, Casey and Finnegan. Names inspired, of course, from the TV show, Mr. Dressup (it ran on the CBC from 1967-1996).  I loved summer mornings as a kid, I’d go out outside and play, then run inside for Mr. Dressup at 10:30 (and then make a mess trying to re-create whatever craft Mr. Dressup did on the show that day – the palm trees made out of strips of newspaper and cardboard tubes was probably my most successful one!)  And you though this was a post just about dogs! 





6 Comments on “the Scotties

  1. So cute. I just barfed.
    (Finnigan objects to the title of aggressor. He’s just protective.. errr….)
    More Terrier pictures needed.

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