Maui – Land of Living Skies Part 2

This week’s theme seems to be pictures of the sky (other than a brief interlude with a post about dogs and Mr. Dressup), so I thought I’d end the week with photos from Maui in March 2011. “Land of Living Skies” is the slogan on license plates here and people say there is nothing like a Saskatchewan sunset (I suspect people say that about wherever they are from, though), but Maui was spectacular.  These are some of my favourite pictures of the western sky over Maui.  All of them, except for the last one, were taken from Kaanapali Beach at the Royal Lahaina Resort.

The guys in the picture were waiting for their friend who was snorkelling and listening to the whales. When he emerged, he was beyond excited describing what he heard. It was a cool moment.

If Vancouver Island is my happy place, Kaanapali Beach is my tropical happy place.  This part of the beach is uncrowded which I liked.

Shark cloud on a whale-watching tour

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