Land of Living Skies

It was really hot here today and the weather is supposed to be unsettled for the next day or so.  There is even the possibility of tornadoes around the province.  The timing is uncanny. June 30 is the 100th anniversary of the Regina Cyclone that devastated the city.

This is some information about it, I copied it here:

“Known as the Regina Cyclone, an enormous tornado hit Regina at approximately 5:00 p.m. on June 30, 1912, with a velocity of 800 km per hour. The tornado formed 18 km south of the city and was roughly 400 metres wide by the time it reached Regina. In just twenty minutes it completely levelled a number of houses, and caused other houses to explode as the pressure inside the structures rose when the tornado passed overhead. The storm damaged the Metropolitan Methodist Church, the library, the YWCA, and numerous other downtown buildings; in the warehouse district, it destroyed many of the storage buildings. The CPR Roundhouse was stripped to the rafters, and boxcars were pulled from the tracks and hurtled into the air. Future film star Boris Karloff, who had been travelling in the area during the tornado, later organized a benefit concert that helped raise some of the funds needed for the reparation of the damage. The cyclone claimed twenty-eight lives and was the worst in Canadian history in terms of deaths. It also rendered 2,500 persons temporarily homeless, and caused over $1,200,000 in property damage. It took the city two years to repair the damage and ten years to pay off its storm debt.” Dagmar Skamlová

The CBC Saskatchewan website has a great photo album chronicling the damage:

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the sky whenever I’ve been outside today, wondering about the possibility of another tornado.  The slogan on Saskatchewan license plates is “Land of Living Skies” so here are some pictures I’ve taken of our famous sky.


Sunset over the North Saskatchewan River near the Battlefords, August 2011


Sunset at Emma Lake, August 2011


Kiwanis Park sunset, late September 2011


Looking at the sunset from my balcony on Friday night while trying to get over my headache.


November sunset from my balcony

Hopefully we’ll just have a wicked thunderstorm or two (love thunder and lightning) and the tornadoes will stay away!

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