gorgeous weekend

Finally, a beautiful weekend!  The weather was just right – 25 and sunny.


The dahlias are still my favourite this year.


The tiger lilies are blooming.


I’m not really a beer drinker, but this is a light, crisp beer that is refreshing in the middle of a bright summer day.


My favourite Malbec.  About $13 at the liquor store here, so cheaper everywhere else!


Saturday night, sitting by a fire, one of my favourite parts about summer.


Lunch at the Condie Nature Refuge a few minutes outside Regina.  This is where I encountered my first wood tick.  Actually, it came home with me, attached to my neck.  I tried to take a picture of it because I’ve never seen a tick before, but it didn’t turn out.  They are nasty little things and are especially prevalent here this year. I am going to dream about creepy crawly things tonight, I’m sure.

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