This is my week of work where I only have one day off.  I’m anticipating an interesting week, so I wanted to get all the usual errands done, but also have some down time.  I ended up taking a bunch of pictures around my place this afternoon with my iPhone and then went for a pre-supper walk around Kiwanis Park.  A lot of my picture taking lately is just playing around and trying different things with editing. Basically, I’m just trying to figure out how far is too far. This is today’s experimentation. I like some better than others.


This is a refreshing summer wine.  Slightly sweet and slightly fizzy from Australia.  Pretty cheap, too. (I like wine, but good inexpensive wine is even better!)



I usually think petunias are boring, but grow them because they do well here. I really like these striped petunias (Peppy Lavender was the name on the tag).


Just like the way this looks.


One of my elephants.


Love walking around Kiwanis Park (more so than Wascana Park which is the more popular one).


Waterfall in Kiwanis Park. This is likely one of many that I’ll take of it this summer.

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