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I work in a public library. These are some of the books I currently have checked out…I think right now I have 31 items on my card.  I’m also reading The Secret Garden on my iPad.


Two questions…what are you reading right now?  How often do you visit your local library?

3 Comments on “library books

  1. I’ve read small excerpts from a half-dozen books, but the one that seems destined to be my next full read is Don’t Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala.

    As for the local library question? In childhood, I practically lived at the library. Now I’d say I make it there about once a month, which is a little depressing in light of the fact it’s only 2.5 blocks away! I’m trying to shift toward visiting at least once every three weeks, the book check-out window, so my son grows up appreciating libraries the way I do.

  2. Once every three weeks or a month is good! You’re lucky to live so close to a library. I’m about a five minute walk from the one I work at (which is very handy since I’m not really a morning person).

    Do you feel compelled to finish a book you’ve started? If I’m not enjoying it, I don’t have a problem not finishing it. But I’ve talked to many people who say once they start a book they have to finish it, no matter what.

    • I used to! The friend who helped me end a long reading dry spell last year got me out of the habit by pointing out that reading all those words that didn’t move me meant I (a) was losing precious time to read words that did and (b) stopped reading. It was hard to put down a book that first time, but liberating, too. 😉

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