Cobalt blue is my favourite colour.  It’s one of many reasons why these are my favourite pictures I’ve taken.  They were taken at Ocean Village in Tofino, BC last June (I’ve previously posted other pics from that trip and still have more to share). The evening I took them was quite chilly and the place we were staying was very cozy inside.  But, we were only there two nights and I wanted to soak up every minute. I sat outside as long as I could stand because I loved the colour of the sky.  It’s one of my favourite memories of last year’s West Coast road trip.  I was so happy that these pictures captured what I was seeing.  One of my favourite artists is Emily Carr and much of her artwork was inspired by this part of Vancouver Island. Many of her paintings have this colour of blue, so it made me think of her artwork.

So, there are two reasons why these are my favourites!




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