What caught my eye this week

I took my camera out of my purse quite often this week…here’s a smattering of what caught my eye…

fantastic clouds - Sunday night-2

Sunday night from the Albert Street Bridge – I love clouds!

Tuesday night sky-2Tuesday Night Sky 1-2

Tuesday night sky 2-2

clouds on Tuesday night were amazing – missed the orange sky because I was still at work, but these colours weren’t too shabby!


these pelicans were so hard to photograph because the one on the left wouldn’t stay still…

football players have nice arms - 2016 version

Football players have the nicest arms, 2016 edition.  It was a fun night at Mosaic Stadium on Friday night with the Roughriders first win of the season on a 53 yard field goal with about a minute left.  One of those magical moments when everyone was brought to their feet and didn’t stop cheering until the end of the game.


slugs – I’d never seen one before this weekend, now I’ve seen hundreds! GROSS!

bleeding hearts

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

Anne Bradstreet ‘Meditations Divine and Moral,’ 1655

Another of my favourite spring flowers….

bleeding hearts-2bleeding hearts 1-2


cherry blossoms in nice light

Just some pretty cherry blossom pictures… nature is a pretty wondrous thing!

cherry blossoms 2016cherry blossoms 2016 1

cherry blossoms 2016 3

cherry blossoms in front of the T.C. Douglas Building/Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina on Saturday night





this week’s pics

For something different from my other posts, I decided to just choose pictures I’ve taken this week of whatever has inspired me to pick up a camera.

The flowers on my balcony are still blooming nicely…

pretty pink petunia 1 red geraniums more pretty pink petunias

A pretty sunset on Tuesday…

A Tuesday Sunset 2 A Tuesday Sunset

I needed a fresh air break at work (and a deep breath break – we’re switching to a new system at work, I’m pretty involved in the project and needed five minutes to not think about anything.  Taking pictures of this ladybug with my phone was a nice distraction).

ladybug break

The dishes are done, now time to relax…

the dishes are done

And, just because Tuesday’s sunset was so nice, one more…

Tuesday Sunset 2

And one last one…

a Tuesday Sunset 3