this week’s pics

For something different from my other posts, I decided to just choose pictures I’ve taken this week of whatever has inspired me to pick up a camera.

The flowers on my balcony are still blooming nicely…

pretty pink petunia 1 red geraniums more pretty pink petunias

A pretty sunset on Tuesday…

A Tuesday Sunset 2 A Tuesday Sunset

I needed a fresh air break at work (and a deep breath break – we’re switching to a new system at work, I’m pretty involved in the project and needed five minutes to not think about anything.  Taking pictures of this ladybug with my phone was a nice distraction).

ladybug break

The dishes are done, now time to relax…

the dishes are done

And, just because Tuesday’s sunset was so nice, one more…

Tuesday Sunset 2

And one last one…

a Tuesday Sunset 3

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