Summer in the City

Healthy Mindset – Days 59-61

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

Dalai Lama

Over the next few months, the challenge is to find that someplace close to home! I’ve lived in Regina for a long time now, and never walked around Wascana Marsh until about a month ago. It’s a beautiful spot in the middle of the city (from some angles you would never know this) and a great place to go for a walk to escape busy Wascana Park. And, who knew the marsh is full of painted turtles? (pics are from Victoria Day).

One of the things I’m finding challenging now is thinking about the summer events that won’t happen this year – like the Canada Day festivities and fireworks in Wascana Park, baking in the hot sun at an afternoon Saskatchewan Roughriders game (or a more rowdy evening game), and listening to the sounds of the Folk Festival in Victoria Park takeover downtown the second weekend of August. However, there have been a lot of really great virtual events and concerts, and I’m sure there will be some innovative ideas in the coming months to keep people “together, but apart” to help keep our spirits up. I’m excited that in likely mid to late June, restaurants (and their summer patios) will be open for in-person dining.

Some pics from last year’s July 1 Roughriders game and the infamous storm that had people packed liked sardines on the concourses waiting for it to pass until the game could start again. (I’ve thought of that game often in the last two months when there has been talk about when it will be safe to have fans back in stadiums again – that’s just one of the reasons it will be impossible!)

About half the fans returned to their seats after the storm passed

Here’s a pic walking by the dragon boats at Wascana Marina on the way to dinner on the patio of Bar Willow last summer, and a pic of the sunset from their patio.

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