enough room for everyone

Healthy Mindset – Days 44-46

The thing that has given me the greatest peace of mind through all of this has been going outside. From the beginning, I didn’t interpret “stay home” as having to stay inside. I took it to mean don’t go out unnecessarily (limit shopping to once a week and if the store doesn’t have what I want, I go without instead of searching for it at other stores), don’t gather with others, and practice physical distancing. But, going for a walk? I’ve always thought of it as essential to well-being. Really isn’t that what this is all about? Keeping as many people as healthy as possible? Living in Saskatchewan, we have never been truly “locked down” and for that, I’ve been grateful. I know others elsewhere have not had the same freedom to simply go for a walk where and when they want to. I’ve thought of that often in the last number of weeks.

Be smart and be healthy. I’d like it if those terms replaced “stay safe”. The reality is that we are going to be under some measure of restrictions for the foreseeable future so we need to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. Cities and towns need to adapt to make it possible for more people to be out and about while practicing physical distancing. Things like closing streets so that runners, cyclists, and walkers have enough space between them. This needs to become the new normal for the warmer months ahead. This is also an opportunity to seek out other places to enjoy the outdoors that aren’t as populated. For example, in Regina, everyone seems to flock to Wascana Lake to walk the loop, but there are many other areas in the park to explore. Since we can’t travel far for awhile, this is an opportunity to find those hidden gems in your local area. The first “healthy mindset” post I wrote was about adaptability. We again have to learn to adapt so we can make the best of the situation and enjoy the warmer months ahead as much as possible.

Some video of birds singing the other night (if you listen carefully, there’s an owl in there, too, but I couldn’t find it – darn!)

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