Healthy Mindset – Day 6

Let there be space in your togetherness

Kahlil Gibran

How has your week been? In some ways, it feels like things are settling into a sort of “sameness”. Since this started, I’ve been thinking that this period of time is a marathon, not a race. We have to ride this out, staying consistent in the things we are doing to minimize the impact on ourselves, loved ones, communities, and, ultimately, our healthcare system. It’s the only way to get to the other side of this.

Creating routines throughout my day that give me purpose and that I look forward to will help manage the “sameness”. This week it’s been being productive during the day (I’ve been mostly successful at that), checking in with how other people in my life are doing, going for a walk before supper, cooking a nice supper, watching a movie in the evening, and reading before bed. Mixed in with all of that is sadness and incredulity about what’s happening in other places, and thinking about the impact this is having on our society now, and what it’s going to be like when we get through this. The last part is relevant to my work and makes me think about how I can help people the longer this goes on, and once we’re through it. What routines are you creating?

I’m hoping to get my camera out this weekend. Now that the days are getting longer, today’s creative exercise is take a picture(s) at Golden Hour (before the sun sets), either in your own home or outside in your neighbourhood. It’s such a beautiful time of day.

Have a good weekend,


(My plan is to take Saturday’s off from positing).

Elk Island National Park, June 2015
New Orleans, March 2016
Kaanapali Beach, Maui, March 2015
My Living Room

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