a trip to the camera store in Jasper…

This is one of my favourite pics I took while camping in Jasper National Park.  After supper one night, we drove from Whistlers Campground to Jasper to check out the camera store.  It was closed, so we decided to go on an evening wildlife viewing drive in the Jasper Park Lodge area. While leaving town, this was the view from the rail yard…

Jasper Railway tracks

We saw a bear and a lot of elk while driving in the Lake Edith/Lake Annette area…

bear near Lake Annette Elk at Lake Annette 2 Elk at Lake Annette

It had been raining, but on the return trip, the rain turned into a very light sprinkle, and this beautiful rainbow emerged…

Jasper rainbow

So, while the trip to the camera store was unsuccessful, our evening drive was one of our most scenic of the trip.  All these pics were taken in the span of about an hour!

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