look at that face

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.
– Martin Buber

Great bear Rainforest

I’m not a vegetarian. I like crispy bacon and juicy steaks and bison burgers and chicken fajitas, and I’m not opposed to people who hunt in order to have meat in their freezer, but I am strongly opposed to hunting for sport.  When I went on my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia in June 2013 with Trish and Eric of Ocean Adventures (http://www.oceanadventures.bc.ca/), we anchored in inlets where hunting was not allowed.  We watched bears from a respectful distance (from the safety of the zodiac), and I was amazed just how calm and peaceful they were with seven people documenting their every move.  We had the privilege of witnessing a wild animal in its own habitat far off the beaten path.  To take pictures and have mementos of these amazing, living breathing animals seems so much more satisfying than hunting for sport.  (I still am deathly afraid of running into a bear while camping or walking in the woods, though!!!).

Great Bear Rainforst 2013 1 Great Bear Rainforest 2

It’s been exactly two years since the trip.  It was on this trip that I really started to pay attention (and learned the lesson of patience) when taking pictures of animals. (I do take pictures of people, I just don’t post them here!)  Anyway, here are a few more pictures from the Great Bear Rainforest – someday I’d like to go back!

scariest plane ride of my life
Flying to Hartley Bay , a small Aboriginal fishing village to meet the boat – beautiful scenery! I’d never been on a bush plane before – the ride there was fine, a little bumpy, but fine.  But on the way back there was a young woman from the village flying with us to Prince Rupert to see a doctor. She was in so much pain and was having such a panic attack, that I thought she was going to pass out before we made it back to Prince Rupert.  It was a very long 45 minutes.  I saw her later that day when we were walking around town and she was smiling so at least she was okay.
heading out to the Great Bear Rainforest
Leaving Hartley Bay and heading out on the Douglas Channel
Great Bear Rainforest zodiac
I loved being out on the zodiac!
inlet in the Great Bear Rainforest
This was at the end of a long afternoon out on the zodiac – it was so peaceful out on the water. There were seven of us in the zodiac and since the point is to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the wildlife, we barely said a word for five hours while seeing some pretty amazing sights!
entering anchorage in the Great Bear Rainforest
I bet close to half the pictures I took on the trip were of reflections on the water!

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