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I like online shopping, but I know it’s also important to support local businesses.  It was a very blah, grey, cold, dreary (did I mention blah?) Saturday in Regina, and instead of hunkering down on the couch in my comfy pants, it was a let’s shop local kind of day.

First up…lunch. Flip Eatery & Drink ( is probably my favourite place for lunch on a Saturday day off (the menu is the same for supper, I just prefer eating there for lunch, I’m not really sure why).

Nicoise Salad, deconstructed:

Flip deconstructed Nicoise salad
The item on the left is a cured soft boiled egg, then there’s tempura’d (I’m not sure that’s actually a word) asparagus, pickled carrots and onions, seared and smoked Ahi tuna…and waffle chips. All really good. I love chips too much and it’s probably not a good thing that I liked the waffle chips as much as I did!

Flip’s coffee is always fresh, served French Press style:

Flip Coffee Press
Every cold, dreary day needs some coffee…(well, okay, everyday needs some coffee)…

The chef/owner of Flip also has a store around the corner called Salt Boutique (, right beside my favourite building in Regina, favourite Regina building which sells a lot of the products used at Flip.  Some of my purchases today:

Salt Boutique finds
Someday, I want to make pickled carrots (it is on my list of things to learn how to do – I know it won’t be very hard, I just have to do it), but for now, I’ll try not to eat these in one day. The coffee rub is really good on chicken – I’ve never tried the mustard before, and the popcorn was placed conveniently by the till..

I’d never been to Casa Decor ( in the Warehouse District, and found out today they’ve been there for 10 years!  It’s totally my kind of store – home furnishings and accessories, jewelry, clothing, artwork, and very friendly service.  I was actually looking for some kind of interesting box or container to put jewelry in, but ended up coming home with two purchases…

Seastar from Casa Decor
I bought this sea star candle holder because it reminds me of my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest two years ago.

Specifically, it reminds of this…Great Bear Rainforest Seastar…there’s more than bears in the Great Bear Rainforest!  Don’t worry, Eloise, the naturalist on the trip with Ocean Adventures ( put the sea star (she told us that’s the proper name, not starfish) back in the water right away – it was very slimy!

And, I’m going to fun have fun choosing photos to go in this…

frame from Casa Decor

And, finally,what’s better on a cold, grey, dreary, ugly day than homemade pizza for supper…

homemade pizza

Not a bad day, after all…

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