Surfing Goat Dairy

I like goats. I like goat cheese.  There’s a dairy farm on Maui called Surfing Goat Dairy that makes goat cheese and offers tours of their farm where you can feed the goats – how could we not visit it?  The GPS had other thoughts (you would think it would be impossible to get lost on Maui, but it is), but our slight detour had us arrive at Surfing Goat just as a tour was about to start.

The tour guide told us a lot of information about goats and breeding and goat cheese, but between feeding the goats and taking pictures, I don’t really remember any interesting tidbits to pass on, however, the goat cheeses we sampled at the end of the tour were delicious!

But I do have pics to share…

Surfing Goat 1

Surfing Goat 4 Surfing Goat 3 Surfing Goat 2How to be a good studSurfing Goat 5 Surfing Goat 8 Surfing Goat 7 Surfing Goat


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