toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)

What’s better than sitting on the beach, toes stuck in the sand, listening to the waves, maybe seeing a whale off in the distance, feeling a nice breeze, and watching the sky change before you?  A sunset can be beautiful no matter where you are, but the combination I just described just may be my favourite way to take in a sunset.

In March in Maui, the sun sets at about 6:30, so we would try to get to the beach about an hour before that. I took these pictures between just before 6 and 7pm on Kaanapali Beach with the island of Lanai off in the distance.

Kaanapali Beach Sunset - March 2 oneKaanapali Beach - March 2 twoKaanapali Beach - March 2 threeKaanapali Beach - March 2 fourKaanapali Beach - March 2 fiveKaanapali Beach - March 2 sixKaanapali Beach - March 2 sevenKaanapali Beach - March 2 eightKaanapali Beach - March 2 nineKaanapali Beach - March 2 tenKaanapali Beach - March 2 eleven

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