a perfect cup

There are few things more inviting than a perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day..

a perfect cup
delicious cappuccino at Caffe Sola (the cafe is now closed) in Saskatoon…

Here’s a fun fact… for a few years after university I was an assistant manager at a Second Cup cafe. The pay was bad, but the job was mostly fun (especially when it was slow and I could go in the “milk closet” with a squeeze bottle of caramel sauce and a spoon!). Here is the only coffee knowledge I remember from those days (we actually had to write a test to become a “certified coffee agent”!)…darker roast has more intense flavour but LESS caffeine than lighter roasts, don’t store coffee in the fridge or freezer (if you must, freezer is better than fridge), an airtight, opaque container is best, and use freshly ground beans for a flavourful cup.  Lately, I’m really enjoying coffee made with a french press (and I love that we have a Keurig at work now).

Oh, and I was also a primo barista, so if I remember correctly, that meant I could make five espresso-based drinks in three minutes!

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