sunrise on the prairies

In the last year, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the best scenery Western Canada has to offer.  From the Great Bear Rainforest off the west coast of Northern British Columbia, to the beaches of southern Vancouver Island, and Banff National Park (those are probably my top three favourite places right there, although if I had to, I’d choose Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park over southern Vancouver Island), but I’ve been staring at prairie landscapes my whole life.  The prairies are familiar, are ingrained in me.  I’ll keep going back to the mountains and the ocean because they still seem exotic to me, but the prairies are home.

These are a few pics I didn’t post in July after my one and only sunrise shoot this summer just outside Regina.

mid July Sunrise on the prairies 2 Mid July Sunrise on the Prairies

mid July Sunrise on the prairies 3

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