oh Fall, I hate you because that means Winter is coming soon, but your colours are beautiful

This morning’s walk was to Wascana Park to see if my favourite maple tree is starting to turn colour (it’s just beginning to), and along the way these are the colours I saw….

central park sunflower 2
Half the sunflowers in Central Park are still blooming… next year I need to remember to go a few weeks earlier when they are in full bloom. It’s not the kind of park you want to hang around in at night, but there are some really nice flower gardens in the park.

central park sunflower 1central park apple treebrown spots on yellow leaves

I'll have to keep an eye on my maple tree (yes I've claimed it as mine, but if you want to know where it is, I'll tell you!)...just a few branches have started to turn so far.
Just a few branches of my favourite maple tree have started to turn colour…

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