Shirley Delicious

To get to Orveas Bay Resort you take a left turn at Shirley Delicious if you are coming from Sooke.  Shirley is the name of the district between Sooke and Jordan River, hence the name Shirley Delicious.  This little cafe is a gem. We passed by it several times before we stopped in and I’m so glad we did. The service was very friendly, the cappuccino was excellent, and my panini was really good (I love cheese and it came with melted brie, it was so good!) but I was too hungry to take a picture (we’d just finished a long walk to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse). If you ever find yourself on Vancouver Island and you’re near Sooke (it’s about a 20 minute drive with really nice scenery), make sure to stop here!

Shirley Deliciouscapuccino at Shirley Delicious Shirley Delicious character



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