Lunch Spot

This was a scenic, unique place to eat lunch today! It’s at Botany Bay/Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew. There are two ways to reach it – you can take the rainforest trail until you reached the beach and then scamper up a few boulders or you could take the shoreline route which is shorter but a little more treacherous climbing over rocks for about half a kilometre but the reward is seeing all the different tide pools full of little clams and other treasures. Usually I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and didn’t want to take the shoreline route at first , but I had a little chat with myself and decided if the 75 year old German tourist that just passed me could do it, I could too!!! We took the rainforest trail on the way back and it was a scenic walk too. I should have pics of both to post when I get home… (And the sandwiches from the deli at the grocery store in Sooke were delicious!).


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