the lowly petunia

I used to think petunias were boring.  When I first started planting flowers on my balcony,  I would choose plants at the greenhouse that were more interesting and prettier – gerbera daisies, garden mums, fuchsias and a host of flowers that bloomed once and never again. I was attracted to the flash of colour and the image of summer long blooms, so I eagerly added those to my cart. And, yes they were pretty when they flowered, but I began to appreciate those flowers with more staying power – petunias and pansies and marigolds bloom forever. After such a long winter and a chilly, grey, blah blah blah spring, I want something solid and dependable that will deliver colour all summer long.  Petunias fit the bill.  Sure, I’ll likely be unable to resist a gerbera daisy or two, but the lowly petunia will be front and centre this year.

(I really want to to get my hands in some dirt, instead of frivolously musing about the merits of the lowly petunia!!!)  🙂

petunias petunias2 striped petunias yellow petuniasSeptember28





3 Comments on “the lowly petunia

  1. My mother always planted petunias and I have always like these colorful flowers.

  2. Petunias are worker bees – you can always rely on them to produce good looking, solid, but not showy, blooms. I’m glad you’ve made room for them.

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