side of the road

Some lyrics from one of my favourite songs, “Side of the Road” by one of my favourite bands, Blue Rodeo…and because the pictures remind me of my summer job in university spent walking through farmers’ fields doing a corrosion survey of a pipeline. I remember one particular moment very clearly. I was done walking my mile, but my radio had died so I couldn’t let the driver know I was ready to be picked up, so I just decided to lie down by the side of the road (it was a dirt road in the middle of nowhere so no worries about traffic!!) and just look up at the sky while I waited.  I might have been there for five minutes or maybe it was an hour, I just remember being both relieved and slightly disappointed when the van finally appeared.

I walked across this farmer’s field
And I looked up into the blue-white sky
I started singing this song in my head
Just because the sun, the sun was high

wide open 2

wide open 4
Near Eastend, Saskatchewan

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