Oh Canada

I’m a big fan of the Olympics and a bit sad that they are pretty much over. I could wait to post this after the Canada-Sweden men’s hockey gold medal game, but regardless if Canada wins or not, I’ve enjoyed watching all the Canadian athletes. My favourite moments were Regina’s own snowboarder, Mark McMorris, winning a bronze medal in Slopestyle. He is amazingly talented and really well spoken – the sky’s the limit for him. Bobsledders, Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse, won gold again, after winning in Vancouver. These women are fierce! And, of course, the women’s gold medal hockey game between the US and Canada was an instant classic! Amazing!

The Olympics, politics and controversies aside, engage me every time, because they reveal all that is beautiful, daring, real, and yes, sometimes devastating, about the human experience. It’s pretty inspiring stuff. 

Here’s a quote from my favourite poet, e.e. cummings which captures what I mean:

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder and spontaneous delight, or any experience which reveals the human spirit.

And, yes, like, millions of other Canadians, I’ll be up early on Sunday morning to watch the gold medal hockey game. Go Canada!

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