three dogs at Christmas

It was a cold Christmas and the three dogs in my family didn’t go outside much during the frigid temperatures…


Finnigan, my brother and sister-in-law’s Scottie, may have been daydreaming about warmer climates…

Finnigan looking out the window

like here maybe…

warmer in Maui

Casey, Finnigan’s brother, just wanted someone to play with him…

Casey in front of the fireplace

With his favourite red ball, like last Christmas…say the word and he’d be ready to go…

Casey and his red ball

And, Max, my mom and dad’s poodle, on his favourite perch, maybe thinking about going for a walk or meeting his girlfriend at the back fence or scratching at my door at 7am to wake me up….

Max the Poodle

It’s tough being a dog in the winter.

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