Evening in the Great Bear Rainforest

Prior to the trip, I imagined spending evenings on the deck of the boat watching the setting sun with my camera by my side and a book in my hands.  Since the Great Bear Rainforest is fairly far north and the trip was the week before the summer solstice, it didn’t get dark until about 11pm. Some of our days started fairly early, and sleeping on the boat was one of my many favourite parts of the trip, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures in the evening.  You can see, though, that every evening’s sky was different, but the water was always so calm.

bluegrey evening reflection golden golden2 moon in a blue sky smooth waters barely there rainbow

I’m on vacation as of Friday, and going on my annual camping trip with my parents so I likely won’t post anything for the next week or so (unless I get a good picture with my iPhone that I want to share!)



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