Morning Spent By A Waterfall

There are many waterfalls in the Great Bear Rainforest, but this is the one we got closest to.  In fact, most of us stuck our hands out to the feel the rushing water. We spent quite a lot of time here taking pictures of the waterfall and the meadow of wildflowers, but we all either sat on the rocks or stood and stared up at it for awhile, too. The thought that I was struck with was that I was in a part of the world that few people have ever seen.  This was the inlet where we had to time our entry with the right tide, so most charter boats don’t even try to enter.  We were rewarded with some very spectacular scenery.  awe awe2 awe3 awe4

2 Comments on “Morning Spent By A Waterfall

  1. Oh, I just love your posts. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail when I finally graduate from college and your pictures really inspire me!

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