Creatures of the Forest

Unlike when you are out for a hike where bears could be present and you want to make as much noise as possible so they know they are sharing the forest, when you are bear watching from a zodiac or other boat the goal is to be as quiet as possible.  Many times we’d turn the motor of the zodiac off and just float along a river and keep our eyes opened for signs of a bear (or two) along the forest edge or in a meadow of wildflowers.  Sometimes there were seven of us in the zodiac, sitting silently, hours at a time, cameras poised, just taking in the scenery.

Sometimes you start to see interesting shapes, some that look odd forest creatures or animals.

Creature1 Creature2

It may sound boring to some people, but it really was part of the whole experience. Your mind is free to wander and you become very relaxed (or at least I did, I’ve never meditated, but I’m pretty sure it was a lot like meditation).

elephant trunk longarm

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