confused geese

The geese have returned to Wascana Park in droves as they do at this time of year, every year.  Every June there are so many geese in the park, that a good number of them are rounded up and transported elsewhere. But they must be wondering what the heck right now. Snow! Cold!  Only small pockets of open water on the lake! What?

I took these pictures on Good Friday, and unfortunately, not much snow has melted since then. In fact, snowflakes are lightly falling as I type.  This has to be the longest winter ever.  My birthday is later this week and I can’t remember the last time there was snow on my birthday – three years ago, it was a beautiful +24 degrees celsius!  This year, I’ll be lucky if reaches +5.  I suppose, a slow melt is better than a fast melt because of flooding worries, but I’m tired of wearing socks, and long for sandals and bare feet.  And the geese must be tired of being cold.

geese geese2 geese3 goose 2 gooseonGoodFriday

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