a few of my favourite things

It’s been cold here lately so my plan to go out and about in the evening to take pictures of Christmas light displays has been sidelined.  It’s supposed to be nice on the weekend so hopefully I can take some pictures of the lights at the Legislative Building, in particular.  In the meantime, I’ve been taking pictures of my Christmas tree, mostly for practice, but I like how some of them turned out.  December to me has always meant the multi-coloured lights of the holiday season that glow in the darkness and then when January comes it’s about a clean slate – frigid temperatures (January is always frigid), blue skies, surrounded by stark whiteness and hoar frost on the trees (which I hope to take pictures of this winter).

decorate joy lights


This is one of my favourite decorations (which cost me all of $1.99 at Zellers 10 years ago).  It reminds me that at any school Christmas concert I’ve been to, there is always one kid (usually in kindergarten or Grade 1) who steals the show with some outrageous behaviour that has the crowd laughing.


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