sick day

I have a cold.  It’s your regular, run of the mill cold – itchy watery eyes, runny nose, aches, pains and fever and no energy. I’m feeling pretty miserable right now.  To make matters worse I can’t sleep because new windows are getting installed on the floor below me so there has been some sawing and lots of hammering, all the usual construction noises.  Great.  (I’m actually typing this with my eyes closed right now because my eyes are watering!).  Fun times at my place today! I picked up my camera and took a few pictures of the things that I have tried to distract myself with to deal with my miserableness (because I think the cold itself just has to run its course).

I brought two of my fuchsias inside to see how they would do indoors. One of the flowers fell off and I just thought it looked pretty with a black backdrop. (Took this one with my iphone)

I’m drinking lots of herbal tea

These are the two books I have on the go at the moment, but my eyes are too sore to read for any length of time.

Really great movie (in my top five).

This is my favourite movie. I own it, but watched it on Netflix.

I’m not a big shoe person, but I did need new shoes to wear at work this fall. I ordered these from Beyond the Rack at a super good price in August and they finally arrived today. Yay!

I’ve held onto the Riders/Eskimos ticket stub for five years. It’s the most memorable game I’ve ever been at. A huge thunderstorm knocked out the power at the stadium for over an hour, and the teams left the fields, while fans waited it out under the stands (some diehards stayed in their seats). When play finally resumed, probably only 17000 fans remained (out of about 30000), we were behind before the stoppage, but we ended up winning. We also won the Grey Cup that year. It was awesome.
The Jim Cuddy concert in January was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. It was the perfect place to be on a frigidly cold prairie night.

If I could sleep, I would probably be having weird dreams! I always have weird dreams when I have a cold.

Like this:

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One Comment on “sick day

  1. I remember that football game well. Thankfully we were seated on the covered side and stayed reasonably dry. Great comeback after play resumed. It was awesome.

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