Rider Pride

The Canadian Football League season is in full-swing now, and my team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is the best team in the league right now, after a sub-par season last year.  If you aren’t familiar with the CFL, it’s an eight team professional football league that runs from July-November.  I love the CFL.  There are just enough teams that you know something about each one. Fans in the CFL are known for their great game day costumes, and Roughrider fans are the most enthusiastic fans in the country.  Yesterday, the official announcement of the construction of a new stadium was made before the game.  I have mixed feelings. I go to games, I know the stadium is old (dates back to 1936, with renovations throughout the years) and a new stadium is needed.  The city and provincial governments are spending millions of dollars on the new project.  Is it a wise investment?

Whatever happens, Rider fans will always be a unique bunch…

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