Watching clouds roll by 
on a sunny day… 
Who needs church?
 Nature is divine.
 -Carrie Latet


Many years ago when I was a summer student working at TransCanada Pipelines, I was part of a crew doing a corrosion survey of the pipeline in southwest Saskatchewan.  Basically, we were walking along the pipeline, a mile at time, through farmers’ fields.   We were usually in a group but sometimes we had to go back and re-walk the mile  because we left testing wire in the field.  I clearly remember one day in August, near the end of our work day, when I had to walk the mile by myself and then wait for the van to pick me up.  We had radios to keep in contact with each other, but my radio stopped working, so I couldn’t let anyone know I was done.  I started to get anxious they’d forgotten about me, but decided that was silly and laid down in the field and watched the clouds roll by, something I probably hadn’t done since I was a little kid.  It could have only been for five minutes, maybe it was half an hour (I don’t remember that part), but some memories are timeless.

That’s what I thought about on my lunch break today, in the middle of a stressful day.

(picture was taken from the car, somewhere on the highway between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta last June)

2 Comments on “Clouds

  1. I love that that story…I always think that only good things from the past make they way to our future…..

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