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Spring will come soon, the snow will melt, puddles will dry up, trees will bud, tulips will emerge from the ground…. But c’mon, more snow? More cold? Soon can’t come soon enough! I need new pictures to post here instead of posting from deep… Continue Reading “Soon”

Wascana Park Geese

Of the 75 or so pictures I took of the geese in Wascana Park this afternoon, these are the only ones that somewhat turned out (and all of them are cropped to differing extents).  It was cold and holding the camera steady while reminding… Continue Reading “Wascana Park Geese”

The Big Melt

Hopefully, the long cold part of winter is over. Temps for the next week are forecast to be above freezing – bye bye snow! (Realistically, if this March is like last March more snow is on the horizon, but the relief from the cold… Continue Reading “The Big Melt”

anxiously awaiting the colours of spring and summer

The sky is a brilliant blue today, and it’s a balmy -28 degrees (-38 with the windchill) and these Blue Rodeo lyrics (song is “Get Through To You”) are going through my head: Looks like winter’s never gonna leave this grey town I think… Continue Reading “anxiously awaiting the colours of spring and summer”

summer over winter

As I’ve written before, I think Regina is quite a pretty city.  However, I much prefer it in this season… Than in this season… It is currently minus 32 degrees here.  Shudder.  The debate at work is would you rather have the massive amount… Continue Reading “summer over winter”

Lahaina Public Library

Since my brother and sister-in-law are off to Hawaii this week, I’ve been going through my Maui pictures and dreaming of a tropical paradise. Maybe I should apply for a job here. I’m very well qualified. And the Pacific Ocean… just around the corner?… Continue Reading “Lahaina Public Library”

lazy Sunday reading

When this is what you wake up to on a Sunday morning: City of Regina 6:13 AM CST Sunday 26 January 2014 Blowing snow warning for City of Regina continued A strong Arctic cold front has pushed across Southern Saskatchewan this morning. This front… Continue Reading “lazy Sunday reading”

Battleford, SK

A few photos I took on my Christmas vacation…. Now on to one of my favourite months – January! Really, I do like January. Calling it one of my favourite months might be pushing it a bit, but I don’t hate it! (This is… Continue Reading “Battleford, SK”

three dogs at Christmas

It was a cold Christmas and the three dogs in my family didn’t go outside much during the frigid temperatures… Finnigan, my brother and sister-in-law’s Scottie, may have been daydreaming about warmer climates… like here maybe… Casey, Finnigan’s brother, just wanted someone to play… Continue Reading “three dogs at Christmas”


I like to travel, but home is my favourite place. I love my balcony…in any season, the view usually doesn’t disappoint. It will be a few months before I can sit outside with a cup of coffee, though, and that’s disappointing. Why do I… Continue Reading “home”