hoar frost on a Sunday morning

I’m not usually out and about on a Sunday morning….Sunday mornings are for reading and drinking coffee, except for the one Sunday out of four that I have to work. So, if I hadn’t work today, I may not have gone out to take pictures of what has turned out to be three days of beautiful hoar frost on the trees.  And we saw the sun today!

Sunday morning walk to work 1

Victoria Park on the walk to work.

Sunday morning walk to work

Mr. Squirrel

I may have been a minute or two late for work in order to take this pic…

Sunday lunch break

Walking through the park at lunch time.

Friday morning walk (in a winter wonderland)

It’s too pretty of a day not go for a walk…so of course I took my camera with me this morning…

in front of Knox Met

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

cold weather

Part of the Immigrant Recognition Sculpture in front of City Hall…

City Hall Regina